Alright, now I understand that I-doser is try to cover all the angles here but c’mon, really? Of all the experiences out there that people might want to simulate and enjoy, why in the world would someone want to experience an overdose? An overdose is when an individual loads the body more then it can handle of a particular substance. The amount for an overdose obviously varies from person to person but the area for risk,or the “red line” if you will, isn’t that far apart for everyone. I-doser created a safe alternative for experimenting by providing digital versions of various substances so that no one is put at risk. It would almost appear that the company wanted you to avoid an overdose not cause one. But here we have, for a whopping 9.99, a track that does just that.

I-Doser OverDose

A side from the price, there a few things here that make this comical for me. I included the price as comical because you actually pay more for an overdose then you do for most of the simulated drugs. The acid dose as an example only costs $3.99! Can you image if this where real life! Picture a deadbeat walking up to a drug dealer somewhere and getting quoted a higher price for things to go wrong. Speaking of things going wrong I also love the overdose cover art. Like anyone should look at that picture before buying and be satisfied with their purchase.. “oh yeah! That’s going to be me in 10 minutes!” It looks like one of the cast members they pulled out of the water in titanic! Not only were they ok with the picture but the black and white description next to it should of been another red flag. The description uses the word extreme to describe panic, fear, and intensity. It also goes on to describe other fun effects you can experience with overdose.. “waves of over heating, very shaky hands, rigid muscles, panic attack, extreme paranoia..” the list is endless! And buckle up boys and girls because the fun is going to last for an hour! You would have to be completely out of your mind to whip out the credit card and buy this.

This dose goes right into the “never try” category for me, right along side gates of hades and out of body. Listening to a track and getting high…cool. Closing my eyes are having a lucid dream…also cool. Overdosing and having a paranoid panic attack while my arms are twitching and i’m getting flashes of heat waves…NO! Listening to a track that makes me believe that I’ve gone to hell and should prepare to experience pain and suffering…also a NO! I’ll be the first to say that I love I-doser and have been a customer for years but where do they come up with some of this stuff? It’s one thing to want to safely experience a dangerous substance and another to want to experience the devastating impact of that substance gone wrong.