Inspiration is just as important as motivation and confidence when approaching life. We are presented with many challenges in our careers and personal relationships that require the three great qualities previously mentioned. Inspiration is the part of us that drives to covert our dreams into reality. I have personally been inspired by I-doser and the useful technology they have advanced, it’s what

Become inspired by I-doser. This track gives you the fuel you need to dream again.

Become inspired by I-doser. This track gives you the fuel you need to dream again.

encouraged me to build this site. After having success with other doses, I was happy to give this one a try and see if it really can enhance the quality that makes us successful, inspiration.

This track starts out with some very quick binaural beats to get you pumped up and ready. The back ground is very present with some slower encouraging music that at the same time calms you. Just a short period of time into this session I felt the urge to drift off to sleep. The feeling of happiness was over coming me and I felt very at rest. I found my attention drawn away from the sounds and more towards some of the goals I wanted to achieve in life. I didn’t find any logical path, that wasn’t the point of Inspire. This session filled me with a positive emotional charge to get up and take steps towards my goals. The track breaks into a slight dub step in the middle which increases the overall feeling.

After it was over I felt very satisfied. The emotional charge that I had experienced was over and what was left was a mind set of determination. Its as if when the track was over I had the focus to discover a more logical way to work harder and be happy. Mind set most likely also plays a role here, how inspired do you already feel naturally? I consider myself to have a drive for success already so that might of had something to do with my glowing review here. I-doser and I are in complete disagreement about the level of effect that Inspire delivers, I would certainly say it was more then moderate.  I would highly recommend this to those who feel like they could use a little push or more inspiration in their life.


Length: 30 mins

Category:  Experimental

Effect Level: Moderate


  • Falling Asleep
  • Becoming more alert after dose is over
  • Increased Creativity
  • Feelings of happiness and inspiration

Grade: A-

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