Everyone knows what an orgasm is and has most likely experienced one first hand. That makes it safe to say that not only is this dose probably one of the most sought after, it comes with the highest of expectations. One of the longer tracks at fifty minutes, this dose better produce some results after waiting for such a long time. I was more then happy to be the team member who gave this a try, I only requested that everyone else leave the room for obvious reason. It’s harder for the engineers at I-doser to replicate something that people experience often and make the dose experience close to the real thing. Other doses such as alcohol or energizer come with high expectations because we all know the real experience and know it well. So while I was expecting this to be a great dose, I wasn’t getting my hopes up to high.

The beginning of this dose was not what I was expecting to hear at all. Instead of lots of sound effects designed to turn me on it was white noise. I continued to listen with the expectations of the effects to kick in. I mean it’s not like an orgasm happens right away in real life either, I knew it was going to take time. It actually took all the way to the thirty minute mark for me to start feeling some effects. It started with a full body high. I felt very comfortable and had a slight feeling of euphoria spreading from my chest to my body. I had a general mental outlook that everything was alright and that it was ok to have this experience. When I felt like the dose was getting better and better it came to a stop.

It never felt the same way as an actual real life orgasm but it was none the less enjoyable. I have read around the net that people do experience an orgasm and that its intense. Other people have described getting an erection and having better sex after the session is over. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a relaxing or sexual experience.

Length: 50 mins

Category:  Sexual

Effect Level: Very Strong


  • Relaxation
  • Feelings of well Being
  • Warmth
  •  Occasional erections
  • Better Orgasm  after dose

Grade: A

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